Embatuff. The best isothermal insulator for containers

What is the Embatuff and why is it considered one of the best insulated isotherms?
It is a product made with aluminum complex and intended for the internal lining of maritime containers. Embatuff protects the load from sudden temperature changes and the effects of moisture that occur during the transport of containers.

In addition, it is insulating, flexible and suitable for the packaging of food, chemical, industrial and organic products. One of the greatest advantages of Embatuff is its rapid installation : it can be done by one person in less than three minutes and without the need for tools.

Temperature changes must be taken into account, as well as water condensations that originate during long trips, as they cause irreversible damage. These damages can be chemical, biological or physical, and cause changes of flavor in food products, corrosion in metals or molds.

Embatuff is an excellent isothermal insulator that can be used in a multitude of products:

These are other of the many benefits of Embatuff:

- It is impervious to humidity, condensation, oxygen and light
- Can be custom made
- Reduce energy consumption / cost
- Avoid damage to products, saving costs
- It is a fiber-free product
- Completely isolates the burdens that give off odor
- Save the cost of washing the container
- Offers a very competitive price
- Isolates completely the loads that give off waste
- It is recyclable and ecological

If you want to know more about Embatuff, C & S Packaging Supplier will be in charge of getting in touch with the country's distributor or, failing that, sending you a direct offer. For more information you can access the official Embatuff website.
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