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Anti-corrosion plastics

When goods are transported across the world, they often pass through various different climates. This variation in temperature causes condensation to form inside the containers or packaging. At sea, goods can be damaged by the highly corrosive salinity of the water and the sea air. 
To prevent corrosion during transit and storage, we offer a range of specially designed measures:
Las bolsas transpirables con VCIproporcionan una protección eficaz a losmateriales ferrosos y no ferrosos dentro del embalaje.El VCI se vaporiza y condensa en todas las superficies metálicas, protegiendo todas las zonas del producto de metal.
Caracterísitcas y Beneficios:
 La acción inhibidora fase vapor protege las superficies inaccesibles y empotradas.
El film protector VCI no requiere eliminación.
No se necesita limpiar o desengrasar.
Las piezas protegidas, componentes y montajes pueden ser usados inmediatamente.
El film VCI se auto-repone, proporcionando protección continua si el embalaje se abre y cierra.
Es muy fácil insertarlo dentro del embalaje, ya sea manual o automáticamente.
Absorbe la humedad del embalaje.
Proporciona una capa protectora microscópica.
Hasta 24 meses de protección
No mancha.
Produce una doble acción: desecante y protección VCI .
Cumple con la norma NSN#6850-01-470-2737.
Probado para uso militar según norma GSA#8030012081769.
    • Aluminio termosoldable
    • Aluminio termosoldable
    • Aluminio termosoldable
    • Aluminio termosoldable

    Heat-sealable aluminium

    Aluminium is widely used in all kinds of packaging to prevent corrosion, especially when packaging metallic and electronic goods. It is used in conjunction with drying salts to prevent the humidity that can cause metals to rust on long journeys at sea and it is also used as long-term protection for machinery and other products; for example, if they are put into extended storage.
    • VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor)


    VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) is a means of protecting metals against corrosion and oxidation. The inhibitor effect is achieved when the protective VCI vapours spread through an enclosed space, leaving a thin layer of protective product on the surface of the metal. This protection will last as long as the product remains within the enclosed space. Once the content is removed from the packaging, the VCI layer vanishes, leaving the product dry and free from corrosion.
    • Plástico retráctil
    • Plástico retráctil
    • Plástico retráctil
    • Plástico retráctil

    Shrink wrap

    Shrink wrap is a flame-retardant material that is basically made from polyethylene but can also contain PET plastic and thermal adhesive glue, providing its shrink wrap quality as it is heat sealed using shrink-wrapping guns. In addition to providing UV protection and acting as a flame retardant, shrink wrap is very hard wearing and highly resistant to tears and holes that can be caused by irregular-shaped cargo with sharp, protruding parts.
    It is also waterproof and keeps the protected product in perfect condition, meaning it can be used immediately after the wrapping is removed.
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