Protection and filling

Embalex offers a broad range of packaging protection and filling solutions. We know that the right protection will make sure your products arrive in perfect condition, saving you money and upholding your brand and product image.
    • ACAS5160225

    Bubble wrap

    Flexible and transparent plastic wrapping commonly used to package and protect delicate and fragile goods.
    We recommend using bubble wrap to properly package your goods and to prevent unnecessary breakage.
    Our bubble wrap comes in various sizes and formats.
    • ANTIFO003
    • FOADH0001


    Rolls of expanded polystyrene foam designed to protect against knocks and to stop goods from being scratched in transit.
    Our FOAM comes in various sizes and formats, such as adhesive FOAM.

    FOAM edge protectors

    U Profile Foam Edge Protectors can be used to protect the edges and corners of various products against knocks during handling, storage and transport, guaranteeing safe arrival at their final destination.
    Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, they are a low-cost and simple solution for packaging goods.
    • TON00225

    Corrugated cardboard

    Corrugated cardboard is ideal for protecting surfaces, objects, furniture, corners and edges, etc.
    Low cost and functional.
    • Papel Kraft

    Kraft paper

    Kraft paper is ideal for both packaging and filling. 

    Flexible and hard wearing: Kraft paper is 100% natural and is much stronger than other kinds of paper as the natural fibres found in the wood are preserved during the production process. It is adaptable to all shapes and sizes.

    Biodegradable and recyclable: made from virgin fibres, laid Kraft paper.

    Opaque and anti-static.
    • PLAN 15_1


    This packaging offers excellent hot and cold insulation. This enhanced insulation capacity is down to the structure of the material, which essentially consists of air trapped within a cellular polystyrene structure.
    It is around 98% air and only 2% solid material (polystyrene), as trapped air is an excellent thermal insulator.
    The thermal insulating capacity of a material is defined by its thermal conductivity coefficient λ

    Expanded polystyrene chips (Expafill) can be used anywhere, even at automated packaging facilities. A small product with big benefits: it can be stored for an unlimited period of time and its minimal weight per unit volume reduces transport costs.
    It is 100% recyclable, has no effect on groundwater, is suitable for use with foodstuffs and can be made without CFCs.

    Cardboard corner fittings

    These cardboard fittings can be used to protect both inner and outer corners of boxes and can also be used to stabilise pallet-stacked cargo. We also have a range of flexible fittings that adapt to the shape of your cargo.
    They ensure boxes remain properly stacked by preventing lateral displacement. They protect the edges of delicate packaging and are especially recommended for goods being shipped for final sale. They safeguard sack-packed cargo (e.g. potatoes, building material, etc.). They distribute the tension created by fissures, strapping, belts and stretch wrap film. They allow for more efficient cargo stacking and use of space. Better cargo securing on lorries.

    • Measurements: length from 50 mm to 6500 mm
    • Thickness: from 2 mm to 9 mm
    • Other widths: 50–75 mm and 100 mm
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Presentation of our new VGM measurement system in SIL 2017
SIL 2017
On June 6th, 7th and 8th, the International Logistics and Maintenance Fair (SIL) 2017 will be held in Barcelona. Once again, at Grupo Embalex, we will be present at the show to bring our innovations to the sector.

In particular, this year we will introduce our new VGM measurement system, which allows weighing any type of cargo and extracting the Verified Gross Weight (VGM) label attached to the container. This process, together with the packaging and the rest of logistics stages is carried out at the same point, which is why it optimizes processes reducing costs and dead times.
In addition to Embalex, the rest of the group's companies, C&S Packaging Supplier, will also participate in the fair with the Embatuff isothermal insulation, which has become a reference product throughout Europe; Gesica, which continues to grow with its services for the logistic sector of trincaje of goods and loads; Or Noray Containers Services, which has established itself as a leader in the rental and sale of both maritime and land-based containers.
You can visit us at our stand D414.
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