• The competition, when we talk about industrial packaging is increasing.
    The competition, when we talk about industrial packaging is increasing. For this reason, a formula must always be found to differentiate itself from the rest and to be able to provide customers with the most appropriate and highest quality service possible.
  • It is important to have a suitable packaging for liquids.
    Both for the transport and for the storage of bulk and liquids such as wine, oil or detergents, it is important to have a packaging that is adapted, is antiseptic and safe.
  • Our commitment is always focused on quality and productivity
    We continue to be aware that Grupo Embalex customers are evolving and are not looking for a good price, but rather a company that values their purchase or the services that have been contracted.
  • 12,000 square meters that join the 26,000 that the Embalex Group has
    The President of the Port of Barcelona and former Conseller de Territori, Damià Calvet, has officially inaugurated the new Gesica Cargas y Trincajes and Noray Containers Logistics facilities. 12,000 square meters that join the 26,000 that the Embalex Group has in Santa Perpetua.
  • This will add value to all the activities of the Embalex group
    Grupo Embalex and its more than 100 years of experience continue to be a world reference in the field of industrial packaging for maritime, land and air transport. Specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of cardboard, wood or hybrid packaging, for each client, continue to offer and improve protection in transport and logistics operations for packaged products.
  • The choice of packaging is essential to ensure safe transport
    The choice of packaging is essential to ensure the safe transport of industrial machinery. For its protection, a wide variety of materials and elements are used to guarantee its delivery in perfect condition.
  • Custom industrial packaging essential for export
    Customized industrial packaging is consolidated as a fundamental logistics tool for export, due to its efficiency, safety and agility
  • Expert manufacturers of custom pallets
    In the market there is a wide range of pallets of standard and custom dimensions for imports and exports. The pallets will vary according to the sector that is directed, although they will also be adjusted to the merchandise and the conditions of the packaging services.
  • The packer advises on the extra-dimensioned special transport of the merchandise
    Grupo Embalex has once again collaborated in a logistics operation that has consisted of sending two cameras / tunnels weighing 40 tons each, together with 30 packages that carried auxiliary material in regular-line containers to Malaysia.
  • At Embalex we always guarantee that our wooden packaging is of quality
    Industrial wood packaging continues to play a key role in the entire transportation process, it is crowned as one of the most demanded materials in exports.
  • Fundamental factors for packing industrial machinery and capital goods
    In 2021 there begins to be movement in the sectors, as possible transfers of factories, renewal of the means of production or even the expansion of them are considered. The companies in the sector are beginning the search for a packaging for industrial machinery that guarantees the transfer in an efficient, safe way and with the minimum possible costs.
  • Improved logistics processes in terms of cost, quality and sustainability
    The automotive industry continues to improve processes that can optimize and minimize costs. Ensuring the integrity of all components in the chain is key, and industrial packaging for the automotive sector is vital.
  • Key factors to choose a company to export to other countries
    Exports between countries are the order of the day, which is why more and more companies are encouraged to embark on this world to continue growing internally. This decision is not an easy task when it comes to ensuring that the product arrives in perfect condition.
  • Advantages of industrial cardboard packaging
    Packaging is a logistics and marketing tool that has to meet the demands of the market, especially when it comes to merchandise exports to international markets.
  • Industrial packaging for the fight against coronavirus
    Embalex, a leading company in the industrial packaging sector, has collaborated in the project together with an automotive company to distribute assisted respirators and tackle the coronavirus in South Africa.
  • Shrink packaging
    Retractable plastic is a flexible and very resistant material that allows shrinkage of the load, whether irregular or angular, offering protection and compactness against possible perforations and tears during transport or long-term storage.
  • Anti-corrosive packaging
    For logistics companies in charge of exports, the transfer of products to the foreign market requires the choice of a packaging company that packages and guarantees at all times that the product arrives in perfect condition.
  • Liquid containers
    Safety is essential for Embalex when it comes to liquids or bulk storage. We have adapted liquid containers that fulfill their antiseptic function perfectly.
  • Types of isothermal packaging.
    Spain generally exports more products than it imports. That is why it is very important that products do not lose their quality and that no problems arise from temperature changes.
  • How is this revolution affecting the industry?
    Learn how the industrial packaging and logistics sector is taking automation one step further.
  • The company has contributed its experience in large packaging.
    Get to know the details of this logistic operation carried out together with IP Cargo.
  • Do you know the different types of special packaging?
    Discover some of the most common types of special packaging and their scope.
  • Aspects you should not forget when packing industrial machinery
    The choice of packaging is crucial in ensuring safe transportation of industrial machinery
  • 26 - 28 June 19 - Embalex will participate in the 21st edition of SIL BARCELONA
    Leading Exhibition of Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Material Handling in Southern Europe
  • What are big bags? Why are they so used?
    Discover the many advantages that have made this packaging so popular for transport and storage.
  • What should I consider in order to export successfully?
    Find out the most important factors to take into account when choosing export packaging
  • Two different but complementary processes
    Get to know the meaning of these two Anglicisms that are so widely used in the logistics and storage sector.
  • What are the risks of maritime transport and how to minimise them?
    Packaging is an essential part of transporting goods by sea efficiently and safely.
  • 5 easy tips before choosing your boxes
    What should I consider when choosing cardboard boxes for packaging?
  • Avoid irreversible damage to your goods with Embatuff
    What is the Embatuff and why is it considered one of the best insulated isotherms?
  • Why is wood the ideal material for your goods?
    Embalex offers the manufacture of all types of wood packaging for export. Why is wood the ideal material for your goods?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of this filling for the protection of products.
    Wood shavings for packaging are one of the most commonly used methods for product protection. But are they the best option? Are there alternatives on the market?
  • Entrevista realizada por Romana Moares para la revista Inside Industry
    Durante este verano fue publicada una entrevista a Amadeo Vivancos en la revista británica Inside Industry. Vivancos es director de exportación de C&S Packaging, empresa que forma parte del grupo Embalex.
  • 5 consejos imprescindibles de los contenedores para líquidos flexitank
    A continuación se mostrarán 5 consejos imprescindibles de los contenedores para líquidos flexitank
  • Fabricamos tus cajas de cartón a medida con nuestro nuevo configurador
    En Grupo Embalex, somos pioneros, ya que hemos lanzado el primer configurador de cajas de cartón.
  • Expansión y otros medios digitales dedican diferentes espacios a Grupo Embalex e
    Expansión y otros medios digitales dedican diferentes espacios a Grupo Embalex el 28 de mayo de 2018.
  • Grupo Embalex en la sección de economía de La Vanguardia
    Hoy 28 de mayo La Vanguardia ha publicado una noticia dedicada íntegramente al grupo Embalex
  • Grupo Embalex te lo pone fácil: Consigue tu acceso para el SIL 2018 Barcelona
    Los próximos 5, 6 y 7 de junio, la ciudad condal se convierte en el escenario del panorama logístico internacional con la presencia de más de 600 empresas de más de 50 países, 250 eventos de empresas y más de 200 speakers.
  • Y además, presentará todas las novedades del Grupo Embalex en el Stand 369
    El Grupo Embalex te invita al Hispack 2018. ¡No te lo puedes perder!
  • Las ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 y ISO-45001 son algunas de ellas
    Las compañías emplean cada vez más normativas de calidad que garanticen un trabajo eficiente y que le proporcione a sus clientes el servicio más óptimo.
  • Cada día miles de mercancías de carácter industrial son transportadas por tierra
    Cada día miles de mercancías de carácter industrial son transportadas por tierra. Para protegerlas se utilizan todo tipo de materiales y elementos para garantizar una entrega óptima.
  • Un correcto trincaje de mercancías, garantía de una entrega perfecta
    El estado de las mercancías transportadas prima tanto como la puntualidad a la hora de entregar la mercancía a su destino. Por ello, empresas del sector logístico se preocupan cada vez más por llevar a cabo una correcta sujeción de las cargas en los contenedores de sus camiones.
  • Grupo Embalex will be present at EMPACK 2017
    Next 7 and 8 of November will take place the annual event EMPACK 2017 in Madrid, where it will meet the most important companies of the sector of packaging and packaging. Empack offers opportunities to stay abreast of the latest trends in the sector, as well as discover the latest innovations where attendees will have the opportunity to increase their network of contacts.

    The fair will bring together more than 150 exhibitors from all over the world, where Grupo Embalex will be present at booth B10, showing the different solutions for the preservation and conservation of packaging.

    Among the different solutions that will be present at the fair, we will find EMBACOVER, which is an isothermal blanket that protects the contents of palletized products, protecting their contents from damages caused by temperature and humidity. We will also find EMBATUFF, the isothermal insulation for the interior of the containers, which protect the entire cargo from irreversible damages caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

    Attendees at the Grupo Embalex booth will discover multiple solutions regarding packaging and packaging. Empack is one of the most important fairs in the sector, where last year the fair gathered in just 2 days more than 11,500 professionals.
  • SIL 2017
    On June 6th, 7th and 8th, the International Logistics and Maintenance Fair (SIL) 2017 will be held in Barcelona. Once again, at Grupo Embalex, we will be present at the show to bring our innovations to the sector.

    In particular, this year we will introduce our new VGM measurement system, which allows weighing any type of cargo and extracting the Verified Gross Weight (VGM) label attached to the container. This process, together with the packaging and the rest of logistics stages is carried out at the same point, which is why it optimizes processes reducing costs and dead times.
    In addition to Embalex, the rest of the group's companies, C&S Packaging Supplier, will also participate in the fair with the Embatuff isothermal insulation, which has become a reference product throughout Europe; Gesica, which continues to grow with its services for the logistic sector of trincaje of goods and loads; Or Noray Containers Services, which has established itself as a leader in the rental and sale of both maritime and land-based containers.
    You can visit us at our stand D414.
  • Embalex will attend on at the Intermodal Europe 2016 exhibition in Rotterdam.
    Grupo Embalex will attend on 15, 16 and 17 November at the Intermodal Europe 2016 exhibition in Rotterdam.

    Intermodal Europe is the most important business platform for professionals involved in the container industry, transport and logistics. Therefore, Grupo Embalex wanted to be present this year to publicize its new business sales and rent of marine containers. Noray Container Services also wanted to be present with its company C&S Packaging Supplier to offer their already known isothermal insulated sea containers such as the Embatuff, Embacover, Embatherm ...
    These isothermal insulating protect against temperature changes, heat shielding radiation (through the container wall) and convection (hot air circulating inside the container).

    You can visit us at our booth nº B22.
  • Implementation of legislation Embalex
    We are pleased to inform you that at the Embalex Group we have begun to implement an environmental management system and safety at work according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, wishing to gain a competitive advantage, apart from the competition, demonstrate our concern for the environment and safety at work and start a project to meet the demands of our customers.

    We wish to strengthen confidence among current and potential customers, according to the ability of the company to consistently provide products and / or agreed services.
    Our goal is to achieve the features required by large customers, which set as a condition often have a system of environmental management and occupational safety.
    We want to please all the expectations placed in our company and meet all your needs.
  • Embalex Group will attend the SIL 2016
    We are pleased to invite you to visit us at the 18th edition of the show SIL 2016 held in Montjuïc, Plaza España (Barcelona) from 7th to 9th  June.
    There you will see at first hand the values ​​that we can bring you as manufacturers and distributors in highly specialized packaging, protection, lashing and cargo shipments.

    You will see the two new divisions that Embalex Group recently acquired with the companies Gesica Cargas y Trincajes S.L. and Noray Container Services.
    These two new companies are added to Embalex Group to reaffirm the leadership in the packaging sector and integral logistics.
    Gesica Cargas y Trincajes, S.L. is a company dedicated to the loading of machinery and goods in any kind of transport. It also has the commissioners for damage service to oversee the prevention and identification of risks that may result in transport.
    Meanwhile, the company Noray Container Services is dedicated to the sale, rental, processing, storage and maintenance of new and used shipping containers.
  • Group Embalex continues to grow
    Embalex Group, the leading company in logistics and transportation, specialized in the whole packaging, wants to announce the acquisition of the company Gesica Cargas y Trincajes, SL, with the objective of reasserting the leadership in the packaging sector, the lashing and comprehensive logistics.
    Gesica Cargas y Trincajes, S.L. is a company dedicated to the loading of machinery and goods in any kind of transport. It also has the commissioners for damage service to oversee the prevention and identification of risks that may result in transport.
    The purchase of Gesica Cargas y Trincajes, S.L., located in the Port of Barcelona, ​​further increases the participation of the Embalex Group in the packaging market and lashing of containers. The combination between Gesica and the Embalex Group will provide our customers a better service throughout the packing process.
    Gesica will be in the Port of Barcelona and will add nearly 100 years of experience of the Embalex Group in the sector.
  • C/ Empordà,4 Pol. Ind. Can Bernades - Subirà 08130- Santa Perpètua de Mogoda
    La empresa especializada en la fabricación de embalajes de madera, servicios de logística y transporte, Embalex, está en plena fase de traslado de sus instalaciones en su nueva sede situada estratégicamente en Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. Unas instalaciones totalmente nuevas y con unas dimensiones de 8.000m²  cubiertos más otros 8.000m² de exterior, en total 16.000m² de terreno. Además, la nueva sede no solo contara con mejoras en el espacio, sino que también mejorara y mucho la accesibilidad y la manipulación de la maquinaria del cliente, ya que dispondrá de seis muelles para cargar y descargar sin problemas de espera y grúas capaces de soportar maquinaria muy pesada.
    Otra de las mejoras con la que dispondrá la nueva sede, será un espacio reservado en el interior del terreno para la esperar de camiones y facilitar el tránsito de vehículos.
    Embalex, que fue fundada en el año 1918, tiene una larga trayectoria en el sector de los embalajes y su continua inversión en investigación y desarrollo, hacen posible que cada día la empresa vaya mejorando y pueda ofrecer a sus clientes un mejor servicio. Y precisamente, con el cambio de instalación pretenden satisfacer aun más las necesidades del cliente.
    La nueva sede permitirá agrupar la otra empresa que pertenece al Grupo Embalex: C&S Packagin Supplier,  la empresa dedicada al suministro comercial e industrial de artículos de embalaje en general. Este hecho beneficiará al cliente porque la empresa C&S aumentará considerablemente su espacio para el almacenamiento de material. Ahora dispondrá de un amplio stock en todos sus productos.
    Esta nueva ubicación es un paso hacia adelante para la empresa y sus clientes ya que supondrá una mejora en el servicio, en el almacenamiento y en la organización. Unas nuevas instalaciones que darán un valor añadido al que la marca ya tenía.
  • New website
    To celebrate our 98th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the release of a new and improved website providing all kinds of information for our customers. We hope it will benefit all our customers and help them get to know us a little better.
  • Embalex at Hispack 2015
    Pay us a visit at the 2015 Hispack Exhibition (16th edition) at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Vía venue from 21 to 24 April.

    We'll be offering a unique insight into the values that really matter to us as manufacturers and distributors of highly specialised cargo packaging, protection and shipping.

  • 41594
    This November, the 6th edition of Empack returns to IFEMA, a trade fair that brings together all the leading names in packaging services.
  • 41594
    Significant progress for the standardisation of ISPM No. 15 on an international level.
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The 3 most used regulations in industrial packaging companies
The competition, when we talk about industrial packaging is increasing.
The competition, when we talk about industrial packaging is increasing. For this reason, a formula must always be found to differentiate itself from the rest and to be able to provide customers with the most appropriate and highest quality service possible.
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