Technical Packaging

Our designs and solutions for technical packaging include a number of systems or ranges of combinations that allow us to create the most adaptable and optimal packaging possible.
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    Technical cases

    General characteristics of 6-mm cases.

    Cases made with 6-mm wooden panels, finished with a PVC coating or embossed aluminium. Anodised aluminium 22x22 mm U profiles, corner fittings inserted on edges, 110º opening hinges, coded latches, handle and optional trolley. 

    Reinforced 6-mm cases (lightweight flight cases): same features with butterfly latches, retractable handles and metal corner fittings. Reinforced wheels, internal trolley, padlock, combination latches etc.

    All cases and flight cases can be customised both inside and out with different coloured finishes, printed graphics, vinyls, perforated or milled foam, dividers, document holders, etc.

    General characteristics of 10-mm cases.

    Cases made with 10-mm wooden panels. (Flight cases) with a laminated or embossed aluminium finish. 30x30 mm aluminium profiles, ball corners, butterfly latches, piano hinges with stopper, retractable handles and optional wheels (generally two 100-mm swivel wheels, with brake).

    All cases and flight cases can be customised both inside and out with different coloured finishes, printed graphics, vinyls, perforated or milled foam, dividers, document holders. etc.
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    Aluminium cases

    These travel cases are made from 100% aluminium. They can be used for storing even the most fragile and delicate products.
    Perfect for secure and orderly shipments, they are safe, lightweight, highly versatile and have a long useful life. 

    Characteristics and benefits:
    • Robust and hard wearing
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Waterproof, therefore
    • Maximum protection against dirt, dust and humidity
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    Max cases

    MAX cases are made from polypropylene plastic and are IP67 certified, guaranteeing excellent protection against water and dust. MAX cases are highly versatile and can be used for sailing, photography, scuba diving, hunting and fishing, by the special forces, for general industrial use and in any situation that requires exceptional protection against external knocks and adverse weather conditions.
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Presentation of our new VGM measurement system in SIL 2017
SIL 2017
On June 6th, 7th and 8th, the International Logistics and Maintenance Fair (SIL) 2017 will be held in Barcelona. Once again, at Grupo Embalex, we will be present at the show to bring our innovations to the sector.

In particular, this year we will introduce our new VGM measurement system, which allows weighing any type of cargo and extracting the Verified Gross Weight (VGM) label attached to the container. This process, together with the packaging and the rest of logistics stages is carried out at the same point, which is why it optimizes processes reducing costs and dead times.
In addition to Embalex, the rest of the group's companies, C&S Packaging Supplier, will also participate in the fair with the Embatuff isothermal insulation, which has become a reference product throughout Europe; Gesica, which continues to grow with its services for the logistic sector of trincaje of goods and loads; Or Noray Containers Services, which has established itself as a leader in the rental and sale of both maritime and land-based containers.
You can visit us at our stand D414.
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