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Everything you need to know about industrial machinery packaging

The choice of packaging is essential to ensure the safe transport of industrial machinery. For its protection, a wide variety of materials and elements are used to guarantee its delivery in perfect condition.
When considering a packaging for heavy or light machinery, packaging engineers are needed who can design the set of packaging and elements to guarantee each particularity of the product with a guarantee. When we talk about industrial machinery, we understand the various components, machines, structures and industrial products that other industries will use for specific tasks. Therefore, industrial loads can be very diverse in terms of size, weight and characteristics. Transporting these products is sometimes challenging because, in addition to being properly secured, a proper packaging system is required to protect the products from external conditions. At Embalex we take into account from the outer packaging to the smallest element of protection that is taken into account when we speak of a packaging as complex as the packaging of industrial machinery could be.

This type of cargo usually travels long distances in trucks or boats and facing changes in temperature, humidity and other inclement weather, so the machinery can suffer problems such as corrosion during transport. To avoid it, a series of measures should be taken that include the use of barrier material, VCI plastics or desiccant salts, among others. This type of product prevents oxidation or at least that the products are able to retard oxidation and / or corrosion.

At Embalex, the packaging service is specialized in the design, production and distribution of products and systems for industrial packaging, as well as packaging and lashing, complying with market quality standards. This service includes the packaging of industrial machinery (heavy or light), capital goods, as well as isothermal insulators for containers.

On the other hand, the packaging conditioning, to guarantee that the merchandise does not suffer damage or risks in handling with mechanical means, or storage outdoors. Custom packaging and custom liners are adjusted for each load and are used with waterproof materials to prevent moisture, water and dirt. In some cases, it is necessary to use materials such as heat sealable aluminum, shrink plastic or protection methods such as VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor), which provide complete insulation to avoid corrosion, wear, loss of gloss and electrical effects to which merchandise can be displayed.

There are times when the goods are too heavy or large, so special packaging will be prepared to suit the needs of each client. This type of packaging ranges from packaging with reinforcements or metallic structures for loading heavy goods, to the application of treatments against water and pollution.
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