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Industrial packaging needs in freight logistics.

Packaging is a logistics and marketing tool that has to meet the demands of the market, especially when it comes to merchandise exports to international markets.
Industrial packaging companies are aware of the needs to be taken into account when dealing with exports to third countries by air or sea. The problem arises when the client does not take into account the importance of packaging in more general merchandise, as well as its handling in basic tasks in the logistics chain such as loading, transport and unloading.

At Embalex we always advise the use of correct packaging regardless of the merchandise being transported. We also take into account the adaptation of the product transported, the material used, the handling and the environmental impact of the packaging. Reusable packaging is a product with many possibilities since it can be reused or recycled after use. There are several types of containers of this type, whether they are drawers, metal cages or the most common ones are usually stacking boxes or folding containers.

One of the main advantages of industrial cardboard packaging is that it allows the transport of any type of merchandise, since they have a wide variety and measures of resistant cardboard boxes. There are more basic models such as Embakit, which offers greater flexibility for the transport and storage of loads, thanks to the folding corrugated cardboard box on wooden pallets, which makes delivery of the merchandise and its disassembly easy for the carrier .

There is the possibility of combining cardboard boxes with wood, this is the case of the Wrap model, since it has reinforced wooden end caps to make stacking easier, and ensure maximum performance in terms of resistance. It is possible to apply protections, locks, handles and wheels as an option, in addition to being custom designed.

It is clear that choosing a good packaging company in transport logistics is vital to guarantee the safety of goods transport and to reduce costs. That is why the industrial cardboard packaging is a good option since the manufacture could be made to measure, printed or neutral. There is also the possibility of choosing the type of quality that the product will need (single, double or triple channel) and there is even the possibility of manufacturing mixed cardboard and wood boxes. From Embalex we know very well the needs of each client, contact us and our engineering department will offer you a customized solution.
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