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Liners to transport 600 tons of Corn: Pilot Operation Government of Spain

Embalex Group, participates in one of the most important operations carried out by the Government of Spain (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda), to solve the Ukrainian corn export crisis, the pilot operation will be carried out by land, specifically in train, with the participation of Renfe Mercancías.
Faced with the problem of exporting corn from Ukraine, motivated by the Russian conflict and the limitations imposed by these in the Black Sea ports, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda , together with Renfe Mercancías SA, have turned to Embalex to find a solution and be able to transport 600 tons of corn by train from Ukraine to Spain.

As pioneers in the logistics and maritime, land and air transport sector, with more than 100 years of experience, we put into practice our own know-how together with the great capacity to adapt to the needs of each of our clients, we We commissioned to manufacture customized liners for the Government of Spain so that it could carry forward this important pilot project.

As specialists in this type of manufacturing, at Grupo Embalex, we take care of installing and conditioning the containers so that the merchandise travels in the safest way possible, without suffering damage and reaching its destination without suffering corrosion.

Our manufacturing process consists of studying the needs of our customers and from there we manufacture and install the liners based on them with the best professionalism on the market.

Grupo Embalex is a manufacturer of high-quality liners that provide the perfect solution for watertight transport in 40 High Cube, 40 Pallet Wide, 40″ Dry Van, and 20″ containers . The main characteristics of these products is that they are characterized by the optimization of bulk transport in containers, the most common products being the pellets of different synthetic products, cereals, etc.

For this specific operation, 25 40-foot containers have been used to transport the 600 tons of corn by train from Ukraine, these containers will have to travel about 2,400 km, the outward journey was made from Madrid to – Ludiswaffen-Duisburg-Lodz-Chelm and the return trip will be from Chelm to Barcelona.

At Embalex, we are always prepared for new challenges, we are always predisposed to offer any solution to the needs and adversities that our clients face.
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