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Shrink packaging in the industrial sector

Retractable plastic is a flexible and very resistant material that allows shrinkage of the load, whether irregular or angular, offering protection and compactness against possible perforations and tears during transport or long-term storage.
Shrink packaging is one of the elements that are in greatest demand among packaging companies since the variety of options within the sector allows the product to be hidden or visible depending on the needs of the consumer, as there is the transparent, blue version. or opaque white. The latter is the most used as it allows you to add badges or logos once installed.

For this type of packaging, a PEC plastic thermal gun will be enough, consisting of polyethylene and thermal adhesive rubber that are activated with the application of heat. It offers adjustability to any product, as well as safety in case of fire, wet, sun and even corrosive substances.

The use of this type of packaging will depend on the degree of contact with the product since this type of product is intended for various sectors, among which the food industry stands out, since it is a product sensitive by nature itself of the same, as well as the validation of the ISO 22000 standard. Another sector such as that of ceramics and glass, also needs retractable packaging that ensures the integrity of the product during transport, as well as loading and unloading. This type of packaging is also essential for the technology and equipment sector, since the devices that have a greater sensitivity due to their conditions, so that in addition to their possible high production costs, they must have a packaging company that manages to ensure safe transportation.

The purchasing director of Embalex Jordi Moré, points out that the secret of the optimal use of this technique is to apply the correct amount of heat, so that the plastic cannot pierce itself and as a consequence, water or another external element can enter. Do not forget to cover the corners with bubbles to avoid any possible chafing when transporting the load. So shrink wrapping will be used to cover all merchandise of any size, whether they are small objects or even large products such as windmills, industrial machinery or even train cars.

So this type of retractable packaging should be used as long as the product you want to transport has certain characteristics, and requires packaging that ensures your trip without any problem for external reasons such as humidity or heat.

We know the importance of shrink packaging for the transport of merchandise and the needs that each client has to avoid any type of external problem, contact us and our engineering department and we will offer you a customized solution.
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