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The importance of wooden boxes in industrial packaging

Wood, in addition to being a sustainable and natural material, allows it to be given an infinity of uses and for really cheap prices, in fact, much higher than any other material.
Wood, in addition to being a sustainable and natural material, allows it to be given an infinity of uses and for really cheap prices, in fact, much higher than any other material.

In industrial packaging, industrial wooden boxes are usually made of coniferous or hardwood. It must always be borne in mind that the wood is healthy and free of defects such as holes, pitting and rotting. It must comply with the regulations that are established and also the treatment that this material receives must be suitable to comply with the UNE 49001 h2 standard.

After all this, the primary question is when it is convenient to use this material, and most importantly, why use it over others? We tell you why:
  • Versatility

Industrial wooden boxes and even pallets are made from individual fragments that can be easily replaced and repaired, so if the industrial packaging were to suffer any damage, it could be repaired without problem since it is a material that is found Anywhere in the world.

Wood, being a recyclable material, once its natural cycle of use is over, it could be converted into chips and sawdust.
  • Adaptation ability

It can be adapted to practically any type of industrial packaging. It adjusts exactly to the part that needs to be transported, thus saving costs.

Wood provides a solution for industrial packaging, but also for the importation of capital goods, as well as for other goods such as cabling machines, packaging machines, cold rooms, etc.
  • Weight and resistance

Wood has an unbeatable relationship between weight and resistance that it is capable of achieving for exports, and in industrial packaging this is a key point since, as a general rule, very heavy loads must be transported.

The properties of wood make them ideal for self-regulating humidity and keeping merchandise fresh for longer.
  • Sustainability and fight against climate change

The manufacture of wooden packaging and pallets require little energy for their manufacture, in this way it manages to offer more sustainable results than other types of material.

The fight against climate change is everyone's duty, by using these materials, they can absorb carbon in the production process. Due to the growth and development of a tree, including the process of photosynthesis they carry out, carbon storage can sometimes be greater than carbon emissions during production, for example in the manufacture of pallets, where the wood contains around 25 kg of carbon.

Industrial wooden packaging continues to play a fundamental role in the entire transport process, becoming one of the most used materials for the export of both light and fragile and large goods.

At Embalex you can create your custom wooden box and get the best packaging for your product. Contact us and our engineering and design team will offer you an ideal solution for your product.
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