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What is the best packaging for liquids?

Both for the transport and for the storage of bulk and liquids such as wine, oil or detergents, it is important to have a packaging that is adapted, is antiseptic and safe.
The inconveniences that may arise when transporting bulk merchandise or beverages require that industrial packaging companies look for the best option that guarantees security and flexibility that best suits the needs of each client. From Grupo Embalex, we have different packaging for liquids depending on the merchandise that you want to transport.

Our most standard packaging

If it is necessary to transport liquids in containers such as wine, juice, water, oil among others, the Flexitank Embabus could be the ideal one, since it allows the transport of liquid products in more standard containers. This type of packaging is designed to be single use and save costs.
It is one of the preferred liquid packaging since it can be assembled by a single person in just 2 minutes.

The most demanded and economical

For the transport of liquids in liners, the most demanded export packaging is Embatank, since it has smaller sizes available according to the needs of the order, as well as being easy to assemble, unload and recycle. This manages to be a profitable and economical packaging as well as ergonomic, since it takes up little space thanks to its foldability.

More capacity without special requirements

If a packaging for liquids is required with a capacity between 14,000 and 24,000 liters, Flexitank Goliath is undoubtedly the right one. Its external raffia material means that it does not need special requirements for its application or exert pressure on the sides of the containers.
In addition to this, it has the possibility of higher or lower loading, allowing greater flexibility and, therefore, more container availability, that is, saving costs.

If you want to find the best packaging for export especially for liquids, contact us and our engineering and design department will offer you an ideal solution for your product.
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