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Why do we recommend wooden packing for export?

Industrial wood packaging continues to play a key role in the entire transportation process, it is crowned as one of the most demanded materials in exports.
Wood is a sustainable and natural material that allows us to give it countless uses and offers us greater economic, environmental and social advantages than other materials with which we work. When we talk about wooden packaging for export, we are not only referring to the made-to-measure wooden boxes, but also to the pallets that transport the merchandise.

This type of packaging will have to be regulated, it must be ensured that the wood used for any type of export is suitable and complies with the established regulations. It must also be taken into account that the treatments that the wood receives will have to be adequate.

At Embalex we always guarantee that our wooden packaging is of the best quality, that is why we opted for materials such as pine or fir, known for their resistance, durability and ease of working and adaptation.

Weight and resistance are essential, and in wooden packaging for export , it has an unbeatable relationship, since it manages to support very heavy loads ensuring maximum protection of your goods at all times at low costs.
Any type of wooden packaging (boxes, cages and bases) is formed from individual pieces that can be replaced and repaired if necessary, with total ease. The versatility provided by using wooden packaging is also reflected in its recyclable material, since at the end of its natural use cycle, it is usually reused and turned into chips or sawdust.

The ease of adaptation is another vital element when it comes to packaging for export . For example, the wooden benches and supports are adapted exactly to the piece, guaranteeing the total immobilization of the merchandise. It is always designed taking into account the support conditions that ensure protection at all times.

Finally, we cannot ignore the environment . The manufacture of wooden packaging and pallets, do not require a large amount of energy for their manufacture, which manages to offer more sustainable results than other types of material.
Industrial wood packaging continues to play a key role in the entire transportation process, it is crowned as one of the most demanded materials in exports.

At Embalex we offer personalized solutions for our clients, you can request your own custom wooden boxes . We will only need to know the measurements, characteristics (packed in our workshops, by the client, if some type of cover is needed, transport) weight, type of box (box, cage, base, OSB box or plywood box) and we will get in touch to find your perfect wooden packaging.
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When export activities are carried out, it is important to take into account the type of material with which we are going to pack our merchandise. The packaging with which we are going to export will not only serve to pack, but must guarantee that it does not erode and that it is safe for transport and storage.
We must take into account a series of key factors, to choose the industrial packaging that best suits the type of merchandise that we are going to export.
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