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Corrosion inhibitors in export packaging.

For logistics companies in charge of exports, the transfer of products to the foreign market requires the choice of a packaging company that packages and guarantees at all times that the product arrives in perfect condition.
Companies ensure that the packaging is appropriate to protect and serve as a medium for the handling of products, that is, they must be designed to protect, before, during and once it is delivered to the end user. It should be borne in mind that poor export packaging could cause loss and loss problems in sales and even in the customer. From Embalex we recommend knowing the type of material being transported, since this will affect the adverse conditions to which it will be affected, whether they are environmental, such as: temperature, humidity and resistance, as well as factors related to corrosion.

In the market there are a great variety of elements and types of corrosive packaging that adapt to the needs of the user, as well as the product, below are the most demanded:

Heat-weldable aluminum is one of the most widely used elements for anti-corrosion packaging , especially when it comes to metal and electronic components. Its use together with desiccant salts, avoids the humidity that can be caused in long journeys such as those made by sea. It is also a component used for the protection of machinery and other types of long-term products.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor VCI is another well-known method that also prevents rust and corrosion by creating invisible molecular protection on the metal surface. It acts as a physical barrier protecting against external dirt and abrasion, in turn forming a shield that will block any contaminating corrosive gases or acids that may affect the product.

Retractable plastic is a type of film made mainly by polyethylene, its most notable feature is that it fits like a glove by applying heat, that is, it molds to the shapes and volumes of objects, achieving its total stabilization for its correct storage and transport. It is immune to fire and protects against moisture, heat, dust and corrosion. It is ideal for export, since in addition to its resistance and reliability, it is designed to compact the merchandise and fix it.

We know the importance of anticorrosive packaging for the transport of merchandise around the world, and the needs that each client requires to avoid any problem such as climatic changes or inconveniences with salinity or corrosive salts, as well as humidity, if you want to find the packaging Perfect, contact us and our engineering department and we will offer you an ideal solution.
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