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Embalex assists in shipping respirators to South Africa for COVID-19

Embalex, a leading company in the industrial packaging sector, has collaborated in the project together with an automotive company to distribute assisted respirators and tackle the coronavirus in South Africa.
Automotive companies have been pioneers in collaborating in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis. One of the largest in Spain, transformed its plant in Martorell in less than a week to manufacture assisted ventilators and thus be able to support the health workers who face the virus, as well as support for the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 .

The official UN freight forwarder to Spain, the company SCAN GLOBAL LOGISTIC, in charge of export and import procedures, contacted Embalex to send one of the OxyGEN respirators to South Africa.
Given the climatic and logistical conditions, MADPERF folding wooden packaging was chosen for its lightness and great resistance. This type of packaging is not bulky for transport, however, it is important to note that its interior is quite bulky, which achieves a greater capacity for space optimization than other types of packaging on the market. It is distinguished from other types of packaging by its high resistance to humidity and water, as well as its ability to protect the product against any unforeseen event.
The wooden box is a plywood board with metal profiles that meet international export standards, as well as being the most appropriate for the safe transport of respirators to South Africa.

OxyGEN is a project led by three young Catalans who have more than 5,000 people involved and wants to promote this idea worldwide. “In Chile they are already assembling the first OxyGEN devices and we hope that the same will happen in Bolivia, Peru, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Pakistan, India, etc. Anyone can download the information and contact us to help in whatever is necessary ”We have been contacted from some countries in Africa where they only have six respirators. Every day we receive hundreds of emails from people desperate for the situation in their countries and who need solutions like this more than ever, ”concludes Plaza.
In order to send this type of delicate equipment, it is necessary to hire an expert industrial packaging company that complies with the regulations and certifications ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 and ISO45001 that guarantee that a product as delicate as respirators could be for fight against the coronavirus, they will arrive perfectly at their destination without problems.

From Embalex we know very well the needs of each client, contact us and our engineering department will offer you a customized solution.
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