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Export Packaging, which is the best option?

Find out the most important factors to take into account when choosing export packaging
Although export is increasingly common among all types of companies, when a company decides to sell its products beyond its borders, it is not an easy decision. First, different issues such as market and feasibility studies, financing, means of payment, taxation or documentation must be kept under control.

One of the most important issues facing a company is the choice of export packaging to be used. This will be a key point to make a successful export in the most efficient way.


The choice of the ideal export packaging depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are the following:

1) What is to be transported: product

There are an infinite number of goods of different types and each one has special characteristics that will be decisive when it comes to choosing one package or another. For example, for the transport of all types of liquids (oil, wine...) it would be convenient to use containers for liquids such as Flexitank; while for the transport of solids it would be possible to opt for wooden boxes for export, such as Madperf, which meet all international export standards.

2) How it will be transported: means of transport

 The means of transport is another matter that will mark the most recommended type of packaging. For example, for maritime transport it is necessary to choose a type of packaging that protects the goods from oxidation and corrosion typical of the maritime environment, such as VCI aluminium and desiccant salts.

On the other hand, packaging for air transport usually tends to be lighter in order to optimise weight, but always maintaining its robustness and safety.


3) Where to be transported: place of destination

The place of destination of the cargo may have special characteristics that influence the appropriate export packaging. If you want to ship to a geographical area with extreme weather conditions, this fact will influence the type of packaging to be chosen to ensure that the goods arrive in perfect condition.

In addition, the different regulations that may have one country or another can also be decisive when choosing a specific packaging solution.

4) Custom solution
Each packaging project is unique and requires a customized analysis in order to offer the best packaging solution.
Embalex's R+D+I department, leader in innovation, has been created and developed throughout its more than 100 years of experience in the packaging sector.
Thanks to this key piece of the company, we are able to offer a customised and adapted packaging solution with the aim that the shipment is made within the maximum guarantees of safety and efficiency.
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