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Packaging with isothermal insulators for export

Spain generally exports more products than it imports. That is why it is very important that products do not lose their quality and that no problems arise from temperature changes.
We must take into account external agents such as changes in temperature that may affect the product and its conservation, as well as mechanical damage caused by continuous vibration in transport and pollution by the environment (oxidation, chemical damage, etc.). The fundamental thing would be a packaging prepared with these characteristics, the main thing would be to keep the products in a packaging with thermal insulation. These will manage to protect the product from possible temperature changes without the need to use a special container.
There are various sizes and types and it will depend on the needs of the product in question, but as a rule, packaging has isothermal insulators that adapt to the container or box in such a way that they protect and insulate the interior from outside temperature changes.

One of the most common uses of this type of packaging is usually focused on palletized products such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wines, oils, etc. Embacover is usually the star product since they are cardboard boxes prepared to keep the temperature curve stable, as well as to protect it from external climatic influences. The cover is usually single-use and quite economical.
Following the same line we have the Air Embacover also an isothermal insulator but thought for air containers (AKE TYPE - AFF TYPE - APP TYPE). It protects the cargo from abrupt changes of temperature and pressure, as well as problems with humidity, etc. The good thing about it, apart from the easy installation, is its economy. This helps to reduce costs thanks to its aluminized foil materials and polyester screening.

If the exports are more in the form of solid bulk in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, etc., there are also different options such as the Embatuff container. This is a product designed to protect the cargo during container transport, temperature changes and the effects of humidity. Its installation is very simple, in fact, one person could do it perfectly in less than 5 minutes. This is due to the telescopic tubes it has for the base and as for the upper part of the container it has magnets that help to hold it.

If the idea is a thermal insulation system by means of rigid plates, Embapanel is your product. It is also specialized for the exportation of food or chemical products, taking into account temperature variations.
Its interior system is composed of panels that fit together thanks to the slots, this achieves a better thermal seal and mechanical resistance, specially designed for land transport.                                                                                                                                                                             

Finally, there are also isothermal insulating rolls for standard 20' and 40' containers, these are the Embaterm. Their function is to isolate the interior of the container from the possible changes of temperature that take place. Besides being a product of easy placement and disassembly, the rolls are composed of external layers of aluminum and a layer of low density polyethylene with a bubble of 31.5 mm in diameter. They are very useful because, in addition to being easy to place and remove, they can be made to measure.
Packaging with isothermal insulation is gaining ground in general shipments, especially in food products, which is why more and more people are looking for a good company to provide us with packaging that ensures the content and also offers easy placement, reducing costs to a minimum. There are many options that will adapt to the needs that are demanded.

If you want to find the perfect isothermal packaging for your product contact us and our engineering and design department will offer you the ideal solution.
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