Safety and guarantee

We work in strict compliance with deadlines, delivery times, quality standards, professional conduct and ethics.
Embalex's stability guarantees our customers that, as a supplier, we will never give them any unexpected surprises. Moving forward with greater speed and flexibility than ever before and constantly improving quality and productivity; this is what customers want and therefore is also our key aim. The exchange of information between all parties involved in our projects (Embalex, its associates and the end user) helps us to achieve this goal.

Our ISO 9001:2008 quality certification covers all the processes applied to the capital goods that are entrusted to Embalex: wooden packaging, physical and chemical conditioning with vacuum-sealed aluminium complex and dehydration salts, marking, transport and containerisation.
We produce all types of packaging, according to in-house designs or international standards (SEI-France, HPE-Germany, NEF-Spain, BSI-UK).

Embalex, S.L. is listed in the Official Register of Wooden Packaging Operators who comply with ISPM No. 15, according to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food Phytosanitary Conformity Programme for wooden packaging used for exports, under entry number ES-08-0361.

Phytosanitary treatment of wood:
  • Processing Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Heat treatment of HT wood
  • Branding
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Un correcto trincaje de mercancías, garantía de una entrega perfecta
Un correcto trincaje de mercancías, garantía de una entrega perfecta
El estado de las mercancías transportadas prima tanto como la puntualidad a la hora de entregar la mercancía a su destino. Por ello, empresas del sector logístico se preocupan cada vez más por llevar a cabo una correcta sujeción de las cargas en los contenedores de sus camiones.
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