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Safety and guarantee

100 years of accomplishing what we agreed upon. In terms of deadlines, quality and professional and ethical relations.
Our commitment to quality and productivity is constant. We are aware that our customers are developing and no longer just look for the lowest price or good quality of a product or service. Today, they need a company that brings value to their purchases or contracted services.
The interest in knowing our customers and their needs well. It allows us to establish close working relationships with our employees, suppliers and others, so that together, we can offer our customers superior value.

Embalex is one of the few companies in the sector to have an integrated quality management system with the three certifications ISO9001:2015, ISO14001 :2015 and OSHAS18001 (future migration to ISO45001), guaranteeing all the processes to which capital goods entrusted to Embalex are subject: wood packaging, physico-chemical packaging with vacuum aluminium complex and desiccant salts, marking, transport and packaging.
The production of all types of packaging is controlled from raw materials, according to an own design, taking the international standards into account (SEI-France, HPE-Germany, NEF-Spain, BSI-UK).
Embalex, S.L. is registered in the Official Register of Wood Packaging Operators in compliance with ISPM 15, according to the Phytosanitary Compliance Programme for Wood Packaging for Export by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, under number ES-08-0361.
Phytosanitary treatment of wood:
  • Phytosanitary Certificate Procedure
  • HT Heat treatment of wood
  • Fire marking

The specialisation and growth of the Quality, Prevention and Environment Department has made it possible to coordinate and implement the culture of quality and prevention throughout the Embalex Group, thanks to the directors, the technical team and the staff of all the departments, who are strongly committed to the company and the values to be implemented.
Our goal, beyond covering your basic needs for which you have engaged us, is to always exceed customer expectations in our service.

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Regulations to follow for the packaging of electric car batteries
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