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Tips for safe industrial machinery packaging

The choice of packaging is crucial in ensuring safe transportation of industrial machinery
In all industrial sectors, either by a transfer from the factory, the renewal of the means of production or by the extension of these, sooner or later it becomes necessary to store and transport industrial machinery. For this reason, it is very common for companies in the industrial sector to end up facing the challenge of making an industrial machinery packaging that guarantees their transfer safely and efficiently.


When talking about industrial machinery packaging, we refer to all kinds of components, structures and machines that will develop all kinds of functions. Therefore, the class of products to be transported will vary greatly with respect to its shape, size, weight and materials that compose it. This makes each case a different challenge to ensure adequate protection of the merchandise, while at the same time we facilitate its transportation and handling.

However, despite this wide casuistry, there are several general issues that must be considered regardless of the type of machinery you want to pack.

In the first place, as we have said, there are many different types of industrial machinery, so each packaging project will have its own characteristics and conditions that will determine an ideal solution of its own. For example, with large or very heavy goods, it is usually necessary to use wooden or metal structures that, together with some special reinforcements, support the packaging.

In addition, depending on the sensitivity of the materials to the different external conditions of humidity or temperature, the packaging of industrial machinery must be carried out using extra elements such as isothermal insulators that protect the load from possible changes in temperature, anticorrosive packaging or desiccant salts against humidity.

On the other hand, the transport of industrial machinery can be done by land, sea and air. Each of these three options has its specific characteristics to which we must adapt the type of packaging we use, if we want to guarantee safe and efficient shipping.

In all three cases, however, the packaging should be done after thoroughly cleaning the product to be packed, both inside and outside. Then, an antioxidant product should be applied to its most exposed metal parts, especially in cases where transport is done by sea. The machine should also be anchored in the appropriate packaging taking into account the means of transport, as well as the way in which the packaged product is to be handled. And, finally, make sure that said packaging allows a secure trenching that avoids movements during the transfer.

Given the large number of factors to consider when packing industrial machinery for transport, it is vitally important to hire a company specialized in carrying out this type of activities. Therefore, the choice of the packaging company will be essential to ensure the transport of the goods in a perfect state of preservation.

In this sense, a company like Embalex, specialized in industrial machinery packaging, offers solutions tailored to the needs of each client, so that the safest and most efficient response can be given to the specific details of each project.
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